Lighted SignsLighted Signs are a common accessory to retail stores, advertising billboards, restaurants, retail shops, and much more. In the past we have always had metal, and now we have lighted signs that make a strong statement about any type of store or business. They come in many shapes and forms, from the very simple to the very complex. In this article we will take a look at some of the options available for custom lighted signs in Memphis and throughout the world.

Before you choose your custom signs, you need to decide what type of signage will be best suited for your store, restaurant, or business. In general, lighted signs can be classified into two types: digital display signs and pylon signs. Digital display signs include LED, neon, and diodes that change color with the light level inside the store, restaurant, or business. Pylon signs consist of a light-emitting diode (LED), a substrate that contains a photo-receiver, and a backing that are either polyester or fabric.

When it comes to digital display signs, you can choose from LED, fluorescent, or static signs. Neon signs come in three different varieties: fog-proof signs, front-lit channel letter signs, and rear-lit channel letter signs. All neon signs must meet federal OSHA guidelines, including a minimum required brightness level of only 15%. Fog-proof signs require an inert gas that is environmentally safe; they offer no protection against fogging, snow, rain, fog, or high winds. Front-lit channel signs are required to be visible from at least 100 feet and are available in both a variable speed and constant speed format.

The standard for rear-lit signs is to utilize a continuous-speed amber LED, with the option of a constant-speed red LED. Both types of LEDs are environmentally safe and offer maximum accuracy. A continuous-speed LED has the highest resolution and provides the clearest image. These types of neon signs should only be used for outdoor locations because they are flammable and emit high levels of radiation. If your business requires a lower-lit letter size, then you may opt to use back-lit signs, which are internally-lit signs that use LED backlighting to create the shadowing effect across the sign. These signs have become extremely popular in the retail and convenience industry and are a cost-effective solution for any type of indoor or outdoor sign.

With today’s dramatic increase in global trade, particularly in the area of outsourcing, there has been an increase in the demand for inexpensive, energy-efficient, and highly-visible signs. There has also been an increase in the interest and use of LED lighted signs for signage lighting. LED lighted signs are not only cost-effective but are also long-lasting, providing great value for your money. Today’s LED lighting technology is also more efficient, requiring less energy than the older form of neon signage lighting.

The increase in both demand and availability of LED sign products has created a great opportunity for custom sign manufacturers and companies to expand their product line and client base by offering a full line of LED sign products including pylon signs, monument signs, and fiberglass monument signs. Lighted sign manufacturers and distributors can now meet the growing global demand by providing a full array of pylon signs, monument signs, and fiberglass monument signs. They can also offer custom designed and uniquely designed products that meet your unique business signage lighting needs. LED technology is quickly becoming one of the most popular advertising media available. Businesses are quickly realizing the benefits of using LED lighting in their signage. This is why many have turned to LED signs, and why the future looks bright for LED lit sign manufacturers, distributors, and clients all over the world!